Minutes of Parkridge Community Organization Board Meeting Sunday, September 24, 2017 5:00 PM 1710 E 5th Ave

Members Present: Jennifer Montgomery, Lynne Sullivan, Christopher Salmons, James Waldrup, David Nix, Ed Strickland.

Others Present:
Tanner Jessel

Treasurer’s Report: There is concern that the PCO’s investment account is not producing dividends and that the organization may want to consider moving the money to another account that would produce dividends and allow the organization to move the dividend interest to the general fund.

Infill Housing
: Christopher Salmons proposed that the PCO contract with an architect to create pre-stamped housing plans to offer free of charge to land owners in the neighborhood who wished to build, as a means to assist with affordable housing. This was suggested at the September Monthly PCO meeting and a PCO member suggested the group reach out to the East TN Design Center for assistance. There is concern that the design center has not responded and the PCO may have to consider hiring an architect to further this proposal.

Annual Budget: Jennifer Montgomery submitted a proposal that the PCO conduct and annual budget workshop in the December Monthly Meeting so the organization may discuss yearly projects and set an annual budget to work with. It was also proposed that this become an annual event so the membership may guide the organization and work together to address spending needs.

Home Tour Budget Request: Jennifer Montgomery addressed the upcoming home tour and the budget needed for advertising and posters. It was decided that she will ask the PCO for $750.00 in the October monthly meeting to cover up front expenses, with a goal to raise $2500.00 in corporate sponsors.

Newsletter /Survey: Jennifer Montgomery is planning to conduct a survey in the neighborhood to determine what items/issues residents wish to see the group work on. With that the group has also discussed doing an online PCO newsletter and while conducting the survey giving residents the opportunity to request a paper copy of the newsletter in the event they have limited or no internet access.

Social Media Concerns:
Tanner Jessel brought up concern of liability on the PCO’s behalf due to libelous statements made by various parties on the Parkridge/Park City Facebook Group. There was concern on how to admit members to the discussion group going forward as there are no clear guidelines in the PCO bylaws. There are actively 30+ member requests. Several accounts requesting membership appear to be scam or ad accounts. There was debate as to if the PCO should continue to moderate the site or not, and if so what terms are to be applied to the page in regards to its governance. It was decided that these concerns and the decision on how to proceed would be presented in the October Monthly meeting and left to the membership to decide.

Respectfully Submitted,

Christopher Salmons

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