Parkridge Community Meeting
7 August 2017

Call to order at 6:37 PM. Intro and call to order by Jennifer Montgomery. List of attendees on last page.


Treasurer’s Report – Lynne Sullivan (6:41 PM)

  • General fund balance: $7899.49 (No change since July.)
  • General fund balance not leveraged for grants: $5274.49 (No change since July.)
  • Investment account balance: $20,192.74 (Increase of $571.46 since July.)
  • Motion to approve made by Gordon Gibson approved by unanimous consent.

Approval of July Minutes – Jeff Pendleton (6:41 PM)

  • Motion to approve made by James Waldrup approved by unanimous consent.

KPD Officer’s Report – Officer Burke (6:42 PM)

  • Suspect in custody for recent violent crime.
  • City is forming a committee and working group to address neighborhood traffic issues.

New Business:

  • 2017 Home Tour – Jennifer Montgomery (6:50 PM)
  • Jennifer shared an e-mail from Megan Burnette:
  • Suggested a porch party in lieu of the traditional home tour.
  • Group conversation centered around the logistics of the porch party versus home tour. Questions of liability and monetization via admission or sponsorship were discussed.
  • Lauren Rider shared experience from 4th and Gill indicating that some tour participation tended to be last minute and fluid.
  • There was general interest in the porch party, though there were concerns that changing the event might hurt year over year marketing efforts.
  • City Short Term Rental Regulation – David Nix (7:05 PM)
  • David shared a very good update on the city’s process so far. Pointed out that the proposed rules were shaping up and that the final City Council vote could come in September.
  • There was a lively group discussion with a call for comment. PCO will discuss again in September.
  • Next public meeting will be August 10th at 5:30 PM.

Announcements (7:27 PM)

  • Timeline for study on H-1 expansion has been posted on Facebook. Review and recommendations to City Council on October 10th.
  • Neighborhood signs still in works. Need permission from Bob Monday for one possible location.
  • District 6 City Council primary candidate meet and greet on August 15th at Shiloh United Presbyterian Church, 904 Biddle Street.
  • City Council Primary Candidate Introductions (7:35 PM): Lauren Rider (D4), John Butler (D6), Michael Covington (D6), Kennie Riffey (D6)
  • League of Women Voters Facebook page has FAQ from candidates for review.

Adjourn (7:52 PM) Attendees (from sign-in sheets):

David Nix
Jennifer Montgomery
Dan Sullivan
Eddie Clark
John A. Butler
Donne Butler
Kennie Riffey
John Potter
Lisa Potter
Keith Richardson
Ed Strickland
Lynne Sullivan
James Waldrup
Jeff Pendleton
Lynne Sullivan
Greta Schmoyer
Arin Streeter
Lynn Randazzo
Andrew Randazzo
Judy Gibson
Gordon Gibson
Jace Koelzer
Michael D. Goins


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