Membership Meeting Minutes 10.1.18


PCO Member Mtg Oct 1

Parkridge Community Organization

Membership Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2018


  • Welcome & Code of Conduct reminder- 6:41
  • Neighbor Introductions-  List of attendees on last page
  • Reports- 6:46
  • KPD Report- 7:32 Increased traffic stops on E 5th
  • Review of August Minutes- 6:46, Motion made to approve, motion was 2nd, all approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report- 6:49, Motion made to approve, motion was 2nd, all approved.


  • Old Business- 6:49
  • Home Tour- More volunteers needed, please contact David Nix if interested. Additional sponsors are still needed as well; please contact Lynda B. or Jennifer M. Tour will start at Trotta Montgomery Real estate on Magnolia.
  • National Night Out- Tuesday 10/2/18 at 7:00 held at the DeRail Zone at 717 Winona. First Neighborhoods is providing ice cream for the event.


  • New Business- 7:00
  • Board Elections on November 5th. Nominating committee will recruit new people for the board. Current committee nominates Meg Burnette. Ballots for the November elections will include names of residents running as well as places for write-ins. PCO will vote for 9 members and the new board will then elect the officers.


  • Announcements- 7:13
  • Jamie Ballinger campaign for state senate district 7- Miranda R.
  • Renee Hoyos campaign for Congress second district


  • Comments and Questions- 7:24
  • Jennifer Montgomery to study info concerning H1/NC1 and will present at a later PCO meeting.


  • Adjourn- Motion was made to adjourn, motion 2ns, all approved. 7:36




Lynne Randazzo

Andrew Randazzo

Lynda Blankenship

Matt Foster

Glen Spidell

Tami Spidell

Sydney Poker

Meg Burnette

Andrew Kilgore

Caroline Kilgore

Miranda Reseigh

David Nix

Ed Strickland

Michael Goins

Will Callaway

Kennie Riffey

Judy Gibson

Gordon Gibson

Peggy Klein

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