11.5.18 Membership Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization

Membership Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2018


  • Welcome & Code of Conduct reminder- 6:39
  • Neighbor Introductions-  List of attendees on last page
  • Reports- 6:46
  • KPD Report- Officer not present
  • Review of October Minutes- 6:46, Motion made to approve, motion was 2nd, all approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report- 6:47, Motion made to approve, motion was 2nd, all approved.


  • Old Business- 6:48
  • Home Tour- Monies raised : $2400 in Sponsorships and $1200 in Ticket sales. After paying for event insurance and printing supplies the event raised $2754! Thank you to everyone who helped. The committee will have a post-event meeting soon to create a contact/sponsor spreadsheet to assist with next year’s tour.


  • New Business- 6:56
  • Fundraiser Opportunity- Presented by Jennie M.
  • Parkridge has a high density of fig trees compared to other areas of Knoxville. Why not try to have a neighborhood festival featuring our own fig harvest. We could work with restaurants to feature our figs in their recipes a few weeks leading up to the event and possibly add BBQ as well for a “Fig and Pig”. Parkridge could create an “Urban Orchard”. The question was raised as to whether we could combine this event with home tour for a “Fig, Pig, and Dig” event. More discussion to follow.
  • Election of 2019/2020 Board of Directors- 7:22
  • Recommendations from Nominating Committee- Committee nominated Meg Burnette.
  • Nominations from the floor- no nominations were made.
  • Vote- The following were voted in for the PCO Board:
    • Lynne Randazzo
    • Matt Foster
    • Morgan Wilson
    • Greta Schmoyer
    • Sydney Poker
    • Peggy Klein
    • Lynda Blankenship
    • Albert Nelson
    • Meg Burnette


  • Set Dues for 2019 calendar year- 7:30
    • Recommendation from 2018 Board of Directors is to keep dues at current level of $10. Motion was made to approve amount, motion was 2nd, all approved.
  • ReCode- 7:31
    • City is looking to re-zone E 5th to R4 which is an increase from R1A. This would increase our population density. Zoning on Magnolia Ave would increase from CG1 to CG2 (which would allow for almost double the height max for buildings. Informal poll was conducted and majority of membership present wants to keep the lower zoning codes.


  • Announcements, Comments, & Questions- 8:00
  • Voting at O’Conner Center 8a-8p
  • KAT will be offering FREE rides 11/6/18 to help get people to the polls.


  • Adjourn- Motion was made to adjourn, motion 2nd, all approved. 8:02


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