January Board Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization

Board Meeting Minutes — Jan 2, 2019

Old Business

  • Treasurer’s Update
  • Neighborhood Signage
    • Board decides to move forward with purchasing neighborhood meeting signs w/o new logo. Will order 7 signs to cover each neighborhood East and West entrance as well as one for the Olive street entrance from Magnolia.
    • Quotes for logos have been requested. Board uncomfortable paying more than $200 for a logo and most quotes have been above $700. Lynda got one quote for $150 and will ask for clarification on draft process. Lynne suggest neighborhood comes up with mock design on our own and then takes to a graphic designer.
  • Traffic Calming
    • Several neighbors have inquired about applying for traffic calming. Kelli Olson on Washington and Cargle and Cox families on Jefferson Ave.
    • Lynne reads email from Debbie Sharp from Office of Neighborhoods – we can apply for calming on every street but will have to have 50% of neighbors sign petition and suggests we consider if we have the volunteer power for that.
    • Board has some concerns that the traffic calming offered in the application packet will not make a big difference on traffic speeds.
    • Lynne to contact families interested to see if they want to pursue the process.
  • Proposed Fig & Pig Festival
    • Proposed Budget received for festival and initial reaction is there is a lot of risk in this project. PCO would have a lot of upfront costs and the projections of attendance numbers do not seem realistic. Additionally there are logistical concerns as well as concerns if the general population of the neighborhood could afford or would be interested in the event.
    • Board does not want to move home tour date as several members have worked hard to establish the home tour over the years and this may be taking several steps back.
    • Board to share with membership for membership to make a decision.


New Business

  • Calendar
    • Events proposed: Marathon, Pre-marathon clean up, Neighborhood Park work days, Summer celebration party for neighborhood park, National Night Out, Home Tour.
    • National Night Out: Lynne asks if this is something we should do again since it is during such a busy month. Initial response is that it may not be well received. Peggy Klein suggests holding event in a central neighborhood area. Lynne suggests better signage may allow for more engagement. We will wait and see if there is interest this summer in a holding the event.
  • Inclusion/Non-discrimination policy
    • Board discussed how to handle PCO interaction with individuals/groups that have been discriminatory. Board to work on developing a request form for people wanting to speak or ask for money at a PCO meeting.


Meeting adjourned 8:15pm.


In attendance: Matt Foster, Lynne Randazzo. Lynda Blankenship, Peggy Klein, Morgan Wilson, Megan Burnette, and Greta Scmoyer


Regrets: Albert Nelson, Sydney Poker


Minutes submitted by Lynne Randazzo in absence of secretary.

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