Letter to Residents



Dear Neighbors,


In efforts to communicate well, the board of Parkridge Community Organization would like to share plans discussed with the P.C.O. board tonight by Bruce Spangler, CEO of the Volunteer Ministry Center.


The VMC follows a housing first approach when addressing the needs of Knoxville’s homeless population. Since enacting this philosophy in 2007 they have moved 1,035 people to housing for durations lasting longer than a year. The VMC is looking to develop more permanent supportive housing in addition to the currently operating Minvilla Manor on W. Fifth Avenue.


In talks with the city of Knoxville, the VMC is looking to acquire and build on park land owned by the city, next to Positively Living on E. Fifth Avenue. In the latest draft of Recode this land is zoned R3 and would require a use on review for the VMC to build the proposed housing. Furthermore, as Positively Living looks to transition from providing housing, the VMC is interested in acquiring their building (29 units) as well for permanent supportive housing.


Attached are plans for the proposed development. They seek to find a design that blends into the National Register District. The housing would be open to those that are chronically homeless, defined as those homeless for longer than 1 year or having experienced 3 or more episodes of homelessness totaling 1 year and with a physically or mentally disabling condition. Anyone on a sex offender or meth registry would be unable to qualify for this housing. The housing is set up to encourage community and only allows for single tenants.


At this time, the VMC is in the early planning stages. They seek to be good neighbors and came to the P.C.O. looking for neighborhood input and feedback.

Share your thoughts.

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