May 2019 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization 

Membership Meeting Agenda


  1. Welcome & Code of Conduct- 6:41
  2. Neighbor Introductions- List of attendees on last page
  3. Reports- 6:45
  • Office Soldner
  • He did receive an email regarding the porch furniture theft. Please make sure and file reports anytime a theft occurs. Non-Emergency line is (865)215-7000.
  • Review of February and March Minutes- 7:09
  • Motion was made to approve minutes, motion was 2nd, all approved.
  • Treasurer’s report- 7:10
  • See attached report- Motion was made to approve report, motion was 2nd, all approved


  1. Old Business 7:11
  • Update: Parkridge Park
  • So far we have planted the fruit bushes and will need help watering. The play structure has been painted, and the city has installed the new baby swing.
  • Logo- 7:12
  • Board met with Dustin to discuss new logo. Dustin has graciously offered to donate his time and the PCO will purchase fonts.
  • Neighborhood Small Grant Program 2020- 7:15
  • Parkridge Community Garden seeking to apply
  • Parks and Rec Challenge Grant
  • This grant is for up to $2500 and application is due in two months. The suggestion was made for new lights in Parkridge Park.
  • Recode Update and Discussion
  • The latest draft was released 5/1/19 and will go for a final vote on 5/14/19. Townhall East board and PCO asked City Council to postpone the final vote.


  1. New Business- 7:35
  • One Way Alleys
  • Alleys are not two ways, they run East to West and North to South.
  • Neighborhood Summer Party- 7:40
  • Possible potluck in August at Parkridge Park


  • VMC Building Proposal- 7:42
  • VMC looking at Positively Living and the adjacent two lots for new housing units. The current Positively building will have 29 units and the new 3 story building will have 47 units. The consensus of the present group was okay with them using the existing building but the other 2 lots are parkland and rezoning parkland for commercial use is illegal. 


  1. Announcements- 7:58
  • Porchfest- June 1, 3:30 PM at 1535 Woodbine


  • A new moderator is needed for the PCO Facebook page. Please see Lynn Randazzo if you are interested.


  1. Adjourn- 8:03

Next Meeting: June 3 @ 6:30 PM

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