June Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization 

Membership Meeting Agenda


  1. Welcome & Code of Conduct- 6:40
  2. Neighbor Introductions- List of attendees on last page
  3. Reports- 6:44
  • Office Soldner
  • Gunfire on the 2400 block of Woodbine- this is still being investigated but it is more than likely gang related.
  • Speeding is still an issue- please call in or email Chief Thomas so more patrol cars will be sent out.
  • Non-Emergency line is (865)215-7000.
  • Review of February and May Minutes- 7:00
  • Motion was made to approve minutes, motion was 2nd, all approved.
  • Treasurer’s report- 7:01
  • See attached report- Motion was made to approve report, motion was 2nd, all approved
  1. Old Business 7:02
  • Update: Parkridge Park
  • So far we have planted the fruit bushes and will need help watering. The play structure has been painted, and the city has installed the new baby swing.
  • Plans are being drawn for the platform and bench- if you are interested in helping with the design please speak with Lynne Randazzo.
  • Dog Park: A meeting needs to be set up with Gwen Mckenzie and Sheryl Eally.
  • Parks and Rec Grant: The idea was proposed for an Ethno-Botanical garden with a Pavilion, grill, picnic table, and raised garden beds.
  • Pot Hole: on corner of Winona and Woodbine was created in August of 2017 to fix utilities but neither KUB or the City will take ownership to fill it in. It is becoming a safety issue since it is in a pedestrian crosswalk. 
  1. New Business- 7:32
  • Mayoral Forum: What questions do we want to ask the candidates? Let’s keep the questions specific to East Knox. PCO members to submit questions to the PCO board, board to narrow them down for forum. 
  • Neighborhood Summer Party- 7:40
  • Possible potluck August 5th at Parkridge Park
  • PCO will provide hotdogs and hamburgers, membership to provide the sides.
  • There will be a Performance Art group provide entertainment.
  1. Announcements- 7:57
  • No new announcements at this time
  • No new comments at this time
  1. Adjourn- 7:58

Next Meeting: July 1 @ 6:30 PM

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