September 2019 Membership Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization

Meeting Agenda 9/9/19


  1. Welcome & Code of Conduct Reminder 6:38
  2. Neighbor Introductions- List of attendees on the last page
  3. Reports 6:40
    1. KPD Report- Officer Soldner was not present at meeting
    2. Emerald Youth Foundation: Cedric Jackson 6:41
    3. Review of June Minutes 6:52- Motion made to approve minutes, motion was 2nd, all approved.
    4. Treasurer’s Report 6:58- See attached report- Motion made to approve report, motion was 2nd, all approved. 
      1. Make sure you have paid your dues so that you are eligible to vote in November.


  1. Old Business 6:58
    1. Neighborhood Signs – David Nix spoke with Debbie Sharp to see if the city will pay the difference in price since it has taken so long to approve the design of the signs. David Nix to contact Dustin B regarding logo design. 
    2. Possible Rezoning/Conveyance of parcels on E Fifth to VMC
      1. Letter From Mayor- See attachment
      2. Cities Proposed timeline- Public Meeting- TBD
      3. Legalities of zoning change and land conveyance- per James Cochran- the city does have the ability to dispose of any property that has been bought without a restricted deep. The parcel in question was originally zoned “OS”- open space and purchased to help accommodate the ball fields at Caswell Park. Now the city is stating that the parcels are “Mixed Use”.
      4. Neighborhood Feedback- Gordon Gibson to help draft letter with others to help finalize to send to the city and MPC. Our best option is to speak with the MPC at their next meeting in October to ask for a delay. PCO will send out a mailer to the entire neighborhood once the Public meeting date is set.
    3. Home Tour- October 27- 8:05
      1. Organizer Needed- Casteels to help organize
      2. Homes Needed- A minimum of 8 properties are needed


  1. New Business 8:09
    1. Beautification
      1. Entrance Garden on E Fifth- Clean up scheduled for 9/14/19 at 9:00, Keep Knoxville Beautiful will send cleaning supplies for trash pick-up.
      2. Trash Collecting Supplies
    2. East Knoxville Neighborhood Watch 8:10
      1. Top 3-4 neighborhood concerns- Email Lynn Randazzo


  1. Announcements, Comments, and Questions 8:11
    1. Charles Lomax
  2. Adjourn- Motion made to adjourn, motion 2nd, all approved. Meeting adjourned 8:11

2019 Neighborhood Meetings:

October 7, November 4-Annual Meeting and Elections, December 2 (Potluck)

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