February 3, 2020 Membership Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization

Membership Meeting Minutes




  1. Welcome- 6:33
  2. Neighbor Introductions- List of attendees on the last page.
  3. Approval of Minutes- Technical issue with last meetings minutes, will review at next meeting.
  4. Reports- 6:41
  • KPD Report- 6:41 Officer Soldner received an email regarding the homeless at Parkridge Park, KPD is aware of the issue. The repeated robberies at the Cash American pawn are believed to be caused by the same person and KPD is still looking for the person at this time. Several neighbors reported that cars are still parking on the sidewalk at E 5th and Winona.
  • President’s Report- 6:48
    • President Schmoyer welcomed new members and reminded everyone that only members that are residents may vote in community meetings.
    • The city provided leaf mulch for our entrance garden and it will need continued weeding and attention.
    • We are getting new signs for the pollinator gardens!
    • Several neighbors met with the Mayor to participate in a walking tour of the SKM site and surrounding areas to discuss their concerns of the conditions of the sidewalks, access to ballpark, and the construction/concrete waste piles under the bridge of 6th The Mayor seemed to be very receptive and as of today work has been started to fix sections of the sidewalks and the concrete piles are being cleaned up. She also seemed willing to help us with gaining access to the ballparks.
    • The PCO has many ways for neighbors to get involved with their community. We are always looking for volunteers for assist with the Home Tour and Grant applications.
  • Treasurer’s Report- 6:59 See attached report.
  1. New Business
  • Budget proposal for 2020- 7:02 Membership reviewed proposal and the PCO Board will vote at next meeting.
  • Proposal for Logo- 7:13 We have spoken with Tricia Bateman about working with us on our new logo. She has worked the Home Tour in the past and has offered us a Logo/Branding package. Please email ideas to historicparkridge.org

6. Announcements- 7:22

  • Neighborhood Adult Softball Team- Veta Sprinkle : Registration is now open to sign up for a softball team for those 17 years and older. Teams make up of 12-16 people. $275 per team. If interested go to knoxvilleathletics.com or call (865)215-4636.
  • Upcoming plans for stream bank restoration in Casewell Park: Tanner Jessel, Park City Preservation Alliance : A section of the stream bank has recently been cleaned up with the help of numerous volunteers but there is still a long way to go. Please speak with Tanner if you are interested in helping the clean up effort or if you are able to help with donating plants.
  1. Comments and Questions- 7:36 : Kim Trent offering her house for events if anyone needs space. Stacey Monday will be participating at the Dogwoods Arts Festival at First Friday
  2. Adjourn- Motion made to adjourn, motion was 2nd, all approved. 7:50




Veta Sprinkle

Arin Streeter

Ibrahim M. Berro

Laura Ketola

Matt Kearney

Logan Szymanowski

James Waldrup

Linda Blankenship

Gordon Gibson

Lynne Randazzo

Stacy Monday

Kim Trent

Tracie Hellwinckle

Greta Schmoyer

Nick Poker

Sydney Poker

Liz Janiculi

Kevin Janiculi

Peggy Klein

Meg Burnett

Ashlee Mars

Christopher Salmons

Judy Gibson

Aaron Searcy

Morgan Wilson

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