November 11 2019 Membership Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization

Membership Meeting Minutes



  1. Welcome and Code of Conduct Reminder- 6:38
  2. Neighbor Introductions – List of attendees on last page.
  3. Reports- 6:40
  • Office Solder and KPD Report- Not present
  • Treasurer’s Report- 6:43 see attached report
  • Review of October Minutes- 6:45 Motion made to approve minutes, motion 2nd, all approved.
  1. Old Business- 6:45
  • Rezoning/conveyance of parcels on E 5th to VMC- 6:45
    • Planning Commission Meeting Decision
  • City amended request at the meeting to RP1 zoning (allows up to 24du/ac)
  • Follow up questions with Bruce Spangler, CEO of volunteer ministry Center. Per Spangler, VMC will respect the RP1 zoning.
  • Letters from Town Hall East, Legacy Parks Foundation, Scenic Knoxville were all in favor of saving the park land. O’Connor Center also gave negative feedback. 21/21 PCO Members present voted to write a letter saying “NO” to the giving property to VMC. Several volunteers to write letter that will be read at the City Council meeting.
  • City Council Mtg at City County Building, 400 W Main
    • Nov 5- 1st reading of zoing request
    • Nov 19- 2nd reading of zoning request, request to close Myrtle Street, and conveyance of the land to VMC.
  1. New Business- 7:15
  • Elections for 2020 PCO board of Directors (9 Directors)
    • Finishing 2017-2019 term: Peggy Klein, Matt Foster
    • Serving 2020 Term: Lynne Randazzo, Megan Burnette, Sydney Poker
    • Nominees for 2020 and 2021 term: Vincent Walker, Aarin Searcey, Albert Nelson, Lynda Blankenship, Greta Schmoyer, Morgan Wilson, and still open to nominations.
    • 17/17 Votes for the new PCO Board Members: Vincent Walker, Aarin Searcey, Albert Nelson, Lynda Blankenship, Greta Schmoyer, and Morgan Wilson.
  • Home Tour report-
    • On tour we had 1 buisness, 5 houses, and 4 condos
    • Sponsorships: $2,125
      • $500 – Fox and Fogarty
      • $250 – First Neighborhoods Reality, Trotta Montgomery Real Estate, Foundation Title and Escrow, Old City Kitchens, Mortgage investors Group (Suzanne Piscetello), RT Clapp
      • $125 Graining Paint
    • Ticket Sales: $722.84
    • Expenses: $645.53
    • Net: $2,202
  1. Announcements, Comments, Questions- 7:26
  • Voting at O’Conner Senior Center for City elections tomorrow- Remember to take your ID and Voter card!
  • Pollinator garden mowed down for the 2nd time- Chad West was very apologetic. We are trying to get new signs for the garden to avoid this in the future.
  • There are funds still available for beautification if anyone is interested.
  • Call Kacy Krouse to trim/prune sidewalk trees.
  • We need a new Building/H liaison- Motion made to nominate David Nix, motion was 2nd, all approved.
  • Student at UTK need service hours-
    • *community partners- we might see if they could come out and help with the stream bank cleanup.
  1. Adjourn- Motion made to adjourn meeting, motion was 2nd,  all approved. 7:50



Greta Schmoyer

Arin Streeter

Stacy Monday

Scott Rupe

Seanna Rupe

James Waldrup

Christopher Salmons

Audrey Paterson

Brandon Bagley

Heather Casteel

David Nix

Ed Strickland

Meg Burnette

Ashlee Mays

Logan Szymanowski

Sydney Poker

Nick Poker

Lynda Blankenship

Peggy Klein

Vincent Walker

Morgan Wilson

Laura Ketola


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