2021 Budget Proposal

Please see the review of our 2020 year. With no home tour or meetings in person we saw reduced income. However, due to some cushion from previous years fundraisers and stewardship, we were able to maintain the organization while taking a loss.

While an official decision has not been made in regards to a 2021 Home Tour, we have created this budget without planning to take on any home tour expenses or income. Additionally, there is a reduced budget for food and community gatherings. We also included the cost of a Zoom Membership so all neighbors can attend meetings from the safety of their home, even if we resume meeting in person.

This budget has been prepared by our treasurer, Lynne Randazzo, and reviewed by the 2021 PCO Board Members. On Monday, February 1st, it will be presented to the neighborhood for a vote. While questions will be taken at the meeting, please feel free to direct any questions directly to Lynne by emailing info@parkridgecommunity.org This will help keep our meeting on schedule and perhaps address any problems or errors that need to be fixed prior to the presentation.

Projected 2020 Expenses$ActualProjected 2021 Expenses W/O HOME TOUR$Actual
AdminPO Box Renewal145145AdminPO Box Renewal188188
Web Domain4848Web Domain48
Web Hosting2626Web Hosting26
Annual Report20.4720.47Annual Report20.47
Office Depot (printing, paper, stamps)500Office Depot (printing, paper, stamps)0
Secretary of State – Organization Files2020Secretary of State – Organization Files20
Zoom Membership098.28Zoom Membership149.9
Total Admin309.47357.75Total Admin452.37
EventsHome Tour Insurance315.520EventsHome Tour Insurance0
Home Tour Flyer Printing500Home Tour Flyer Printing0
Home Tour Brochure Printing2500Home Tour Brochure Printing0
Home Tour preparty2500Home Tour preparty0
Home Tour Misc1000Home Tour Misc0
Ice Cream Social$500Ice Cream Social$0
Community Meeting Refreshments$1206.69Community Meeting Refreshments$0
Neighborhood Events$3000Neighborhood Events$300
Marathon Volunteer Refreshments$600Marathon Volunteer Refreshments$0
Lantern Event Materials$0375.04Urban Farm Tour?
Lantern Prizes$080
Total Event$1,496461.83Total Event$300
Neighborhood Beautification817.550Neighborhood Beautification0
Neighborhood Logo1,0001000Neighborhood Merchandise1,000
Neighborhood Tshirts0684.55
Total Projects1817.551,684.55
Total Projects1,000
Meeting Yard Signs1800Meeting Yard Signs180
Total Outreach9800Total Outreach580
Total Expenses$2,7854,198.89Total Expenses$2,332
Commited Funds/Grant AwardsCommited Funds/Grant Awards
Neighborhood Entrance Signs2,9250Neighborhood Entrance Signs2,925
Parkridge Park2,4611,694.76Parkridge Park766
Projected IncomeProjected Income
Membership & Donations450301.43Membership450
Home Tour Sponsorships20000Home Tour Sponsorships0
Home Tour Ticket Sales1,2000Home Tour Ticket Sales0
Tshirt Sales01075Neighborhood Merchandise Sales2,000
Total Income3,6501,376.43Total Income2,450
Total Expenses2785.472,504.13Total Expenses$2,332

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