6.6.2022 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes


Nick Poker President

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  • David Nix nixnknox@aol.com
  • Christ Casteel 
  • Meg Burnett – meg.burnette@diplomats.com
  • Katie McGonagal 
  • Office Johnson
  • Arin Streeter -astreeter@breweringramfuller.com
  • Greta Schmoyer – greta.schoyer
  • Morgan Willson – morganewilson@gmail.com 
  • Lynn Sullivan – hiwarch@gmail.com
  • Lisa Randazzo – Lisalynnerandazzo@gmail.com
  • Nick and Sydney Poker – nickpoker@comast.net
  • Gwin Tate – crimewatchburd@gmail.com
  • Lynda Blankenship – lyndanine@aol.com
  • Rupe -wordoc@gmail.com

Treasurer Report 

PO Box Options 

Habitat for Humanity

Washington Ave Businesses  

Neighborhood Safety report – Officer Johnson

  • April to May- 4 burglaries, 4 shots fired reports
  • Catalytic Converter stolen
  • Homeowners have to call on empty houses or abandoned buildings
  • When gunfire is heard the more people who call – narrows down site and allows them to collect shell casing which can be traced
  • Four officers for East Knoxville beat
  • Questions about neighbor watch – Needs to be looked into 
  • Homeless – 
    • Moving camps away from the mission 
    • Camping on State grounds – effect July 1
    • Calling on those who are camping

Update Points 

  • Speed Bump Markings in place 
  •  Eight on Washington

2100 Washington Ave Quaker Church – Homemaker Program  

  • Anyone can buy it – Bidding Process 
  • Zoned residential 
  • Within the historic overlay
  • Questions about lot next to it and if it is included
  • Contact – Kathy Ellis- to do walk though

New Business – None Brought

Historic Zoning Guidelines Update – Lindsay Crockett   ***Streamed on Page

Small accessory structures – 

Would need to be reviewed whether or not in historic zoning because of set back and impervious surface. 

Wood Features and Siding –  Neighborhood input needed

Proposed – Fiber cement board

     VInyl or aluminum may be replaced in kind 

Some voiced concerns for houses that currently have a mixed siding

Wood is preferred but the current quality is debatable 

Alternative materials are considered on a case by case basis

Suggested that a more generic term is used. 


  • Proposed – Discourage sheet metal use
    • Chimney repairs  – reduced height but maintain appearance 
    • Replacing Slate and Tile Roofs – appearance 
    • Guidance on roofline additions
    • Solar collectors – guidance added
  • Questions about solar- 
    • Allowance for changing technology 
    • Clarity needed on guidelines specifically B
    • Graphics could be helpful 
    • Changing language and verbiage


  • Proposed – More Clarity and guidance given
    • Guidance for balustrades, handrails, and alternative materials


  • Proposed 
    • Preserving 1st and then replacing alternate materials will be considered. 

Windows – 

  • Preserving 1st and then replacing alternate materials will be considered. 
  • Replacement of non-original windows Specifically 4-F, Alternate materials
  • Discussion about making vinyl windows like the appearance the guidance for siding – Mirror style and appearance
  • Suggested adding a graphic or checklist for requesting to get window replacement approval

Accessory structures

  • Proposed – 4 main principles 


  • 4 guiding Principles

New Primary Buildings

Adjournment – 

  • How often to have meeting
    • Every 2 months
    • 1st monday in august

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