8.1.22 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

PCO Meeting Minutes

Aug 1, 2022

Introduction – Nick Poker President

Neighborhood Safety Report – 

  • Mayor Kincannon – Introduce Chief Noel
  • Chief Noel –
    • Improve Culture – 
    • Neighborhood relationship – 
    • Community policing – 
    • Question: Improve staffing – 
    • Answer:
      • Pay Raise, 
      • 2 Training Academies currently trying to add another academy
      • Staff is currently at 360 capacity over is over 400. 
    • Kincannon – New facility at former St.Mary’s will have a partnership with Fulton high school
  • Officer Johnson
    • Couple arrests made for car/property theft

Historic Zoning Update – Lindsay Crocket

  • Reason for update
    • Existing 25 year old
    • Increase interest in Neighborhood
    • Shifting Priority
    • Time and effort already put in 
  • Overview
    • Update History
    • Design Review 
    • Alternative Materials
    • Levels of Work
    • Energy efficient and sustainability 
    • Information boxes
    • Infill Construction and additions
    • Illustrations
    • FAQ
    • Glossary and Bibliography
    • Simplified language
  • What to do next:
  • Question about Parking
    • Based on infill housing rules – if there is an active alley base there, next is one lane driveway on the side of the house. 
    • Lindsey will write something up and share or update in the guidelines
  • Discussion of how to show Neighborhood approval
    • Another meeting, Cut-off date for comments,
    • Agree on creating a timeline for people to submit comments on the updated draft

Treasurer’s report

Can be found online

Income – $60 in membership 

Updates Points – 

National Night Out – Oct 4, 2022

City Services- City council, Police,

Town Hall East Cookout –  Sept. 30th at Botanical Gardens 

Asked for volunteers

Monthly board meetings – 

Alternate Just board and them public meeting

September just board meeting

October in lieu of public meetings – focus energy on national night out. 


Splash pad

Dog park

Mural on 5th 

MAke Clean Up Events

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