10.22 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization

October Meeting 

In Attendance: 

Nick Poker 

Aaron Searcy 

Bonnie Casamassima

Robert Nobel 

Maria &Liam Foran

Lynda Blankenship

Erin Oakes  

Scott Rupe

Peggy Klien

Safety Report  – Office Johnson

  • There have been shootings, but fewer break ins
  • Clubs on Magnolia trickling in 
  • Residence getting Cameras can be helpful – Surveillance more than Ring
  • Questions – What would be involved in making a Neighborhood Watch
    • Suggested possibility creating anonymous group – record knowing who had cameras; Officer Morgan will be contacted 
    • Repeated issues at particular location or home – If shootings, notify police so they can find rounds; Officers in organized crime will be organized as well. 

Neighborhood Entrance Signs 

  • Old design was lost
  • Trisha Bateman – did branding for the neighborhood
    • Sign options with historic color pallet
  • Currently #7 Highest average and lowest standard deviation
  • Need to reapply with the City for the new design. 
  • Locations Cherry and Winona
  • Some Guys Signs – Morristown
    • Sign made from Urethane
    • 60’’ x 24’’ smallest option – $1,025 
    • 64’’ x 30’’ a 10% increase to cost
    • Text size in line with Dept of Transportation Guideline
  • Run survey for approximately another month 
  • Grant requires we match with time or Money
    • $15 per hour or volunteer work 
    • We will do the installation. 
    • Planning counts toward volunteer time
    • Paying the designer for work

Mural Idea

  • Keep Knoxville Beautiful Grant inspired conversation
  • 5th AVe under the Railroad.
  • David Brace Deputy Mayor – 3 owned by City
    • Emailed with support
    • Process includes – plan, design,  maintenance 
    • Contact is Rick Emmit 
  • Amenities added to Caswell Park 
  • that will be accessible to neighborhood 
  • Splash Pad – to much work and money 
  • Pickleball –  half the size of a Tennis court
    • Caswell park entrance by O’Connnor Senior center
    • Senior Center and YMCe could utilize it as well
    • Initial Survey looks like it is clear under ground 
  • Dog Park – 5th ave behind Ball parks
    • ADA compliant – VMC is building Access Road which would provide handicap accessible parking 
    • .5 Acres 
  • Sheryl Eylee – Director of Parks
  • Budgetwise – minimal impact approximately $50,000
  • Also DIscussed Rubble Lot near – Knitting mill is discouraged because of uncertainty of future; also actively used by city for storage an

Litter Pick Up Signs

  • Stacey Shipanek requested
  • Approved for $100
  • Cost $160 – Private individuals cover difference

Church at 2100 Washington

  • Knox Heritage initially won proposal with 4 apartments
    • Bad Engineering Reports mean Knox Heritage is backing out
    • They had planned to spend $800,000- $1,000,000
  • Currently zoned Residential, but if neighborhood supports they might change zoning
  • Knox Homemakers Program
    • Possibility of Demolition and Rebuild

Standard Knitting Mill 

  • Leasing Officer reported that they are waiting to start construction based on abatement report
  • Wanted to start 6 month ago, but I’m still waiting on the report. 

Traffic calming petition submitted for Glenwood 

  • Need Signatures for %50 of Street
  • Triggers Traffic Study to determine need for speed bumps

Historic Zoning Guidelines

  • Draft for Historic Guidelines updated and on Knox Planning. Org listed under Current Projects 
  • Historic Zoning Board
  • City Council Needs to Vote on it Twice

New Business

  • Swag and Marketing
    • Nothing to Fancy – percentage was supposed to come back to the neighborhood. 
  • September Minutes Approved
  • Waffles and Coffee 10:30 -12:00ish at 1535 Woodbine

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