November 2022 Membership Meeting Minutes

November 7th 2022


  • Nick and Sydney Poker
  • Chris Casteel
  • Peggy Klein 
  • Lynne Sullivan 
  • Lynda Blankenship
  • Stacey Shipanick
  • Kristen Tossee
  • Maria and Liam Foran
  • Lisa Lynne Randazo
  • Morgan Wilson

Treasurer’s Report see attached

Neighborhood safety 

  • Officer Johnson
    • Co-response Team with Helen Ross McNabb
      • Mental Health crisis
    • NAC Meeting at 4:30 Discuss Co- Responder Program
    • Recruitment – 3 New from lateral moves
  • Officer Banks – Neighborhood Watch 

2023 Board Election

  • 7-9 people need to be on the board
  • Staying
    • Aaron searcy 
    • Chris Castell
    • Jess Irwin

11 votes for Nicholas Poker, Stacey Shepanek, Kristin Tossee, Paul Klein, 

9 votes for Laura Ketola Solomon


  • Sign Update
    • Facebook votes largely the same with preference for #7
    • Put to Membership Vote- Pass 
    • Size 5.5x 3.5 
    • Cherry and Washington 
    • Winona and Woodbine  
  • 5th Street Underpass Mural
    • Amanda from Public Arts Commission
    • Find Artist, create plan, put forth proposal to clean 
    • Put on radar to keep area clean
    • Grants to apply for
      • Small Neighborhoods Grant – Probably need to start as soon as possible
  • Traffic Calming petition for Glenwood
    • At about 35% of Signatures  – Need 50% 
    • Traffic Study

New Business Proposal 

  • Access to Downtown – Especially for Bikes and Pedestrians
    • Email, get conversations started 
  • City applying for Federal Grant to reconnect neighborhoods that were divided because of Urban Renewal. 


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