New Neighbor Information

We’ve compiled some information that may be helpful for new neighbors or soon to be neighbors. If you have more questions please reach out through our neighborhood facebook page or check the website calendar to attend the next Parkridge Community Organization meeting.

Internet Provider Options:

-Knoxville Utility Board (KUB Fiber)

-AT&T / U-Verse

-Comcast/Xfinity (typically more reliable)


-Call Knoxville Utility Board (KUB) and schedule to have your utilities turned on by your move in date.

Moving Boxes:

RPM Boxes- Knoxville company rents plastic moving boxes.

Trash Collection: 

Monday (typically mornings)

Curbside Recycling:

Every other Friday. To receive a recycling cart or view schedule, go here:

Brush Collection:

Service area crews collect brush and other household yard waste every other week from March to October. Place brush in 6’x6’x6′ pile. Keep separate from other trash and place within 5 feet of the street.

Leaf Collection:

Leaf collection runs November-February. Rake leaves into rows at the edge of the street in an unobstructed area for easy collection. Leaves raked to the alley are collected last. Leaves are collected separately from garbage and recycled into mulch.  Plastic bags used to hold leaves compromise the mulching process so all leaves should be loose.

Christmas Tree Collection:

Christmas tree collection in the City is the same process as for brush collection. After all decorations have been removed, trees should be placed at the street for collection.


Parking is permitted on the street and on driveways. Your vehicle must be parked on the right side of the road if parking on the street. Driving on the wrong side of the road, even momentarily, to park is illegal and extremely dangerous. It can also result in a parking ticket so it’s good to tell visitors that may not be familiar with the law. Parking vehicles on lawns or in a way that blocks the sidewalk is a codes violation. Please be considerate and do not block the sidewalks with your vehicle as they are used for people walking, those with strollers, and people in wheelchairs.


Residents of our neighborhood vote at the O’Conner Senior Center. If you need to update your address prior to voting, the voter registration application also serves as a name and/or address change request.


Most of the neighborhood has mailboxes on their porches or by the door as mail routes are done on foot here. However, if you home has recently been remodeled, you may lose the right to keep this grandfathered service. Their are exceptions to this so it is recommended to first place a new mailbox at your door and move to the street should the post office ask you to. If the post master asks you to move your mailbox and you disagree with the decision, there have been many that successfully fight this.

Security Cameras:

Because our neighborhood is so walkable and sees a lot of foot traffic, many people like to install cameras for monitoring. They can also be helpful to keep an eye for packages being delivered. Wyze Cameras are the most popular in the neighborhood for their affordability, no subscription fees, and reliable coverage. (Pro tip, you can buy outdoor housing for the indoor camera to save $) Other popular cameras are Arlo and Ring Doorbell.

Neighborhood Meetings:

The Parkridge Community Organization usually meets on the first Monday of the month from 6:30-8:00p at the Cansler Family YMCA. Some meetings may be potluck only meetings or possibly held on ZOOM, so stay tuned for meeting announcements from the Parkridge Community Organization Facebook page.

Neighborhood Codes Enforcement:

If talking with a neighbor or landowner has not proved sufficient, codes violations should be called into 311 instead of using emergency numbers. Read more here on frequently asked questions.

Historic Zoning:

Most of our neighborhood is covered in the National Register of Historic Places. However, only some of Parkridge’s homes are protected by a Historic Overlay. Homes in the Historic Overlay District have some additional requirements when modifications or changes are to be made to the exterior. Keep in mind that most all exterior work in our city requires a permit. While going through this process, you will be notified if you have additional requirements to meet to comply with the preservation guidelines. You can read our neighborhoods design guidelines here.

Our current guidelines have been in the process of updating and that process can be followed here.

Work Permits:

Knoxville now offers permits to be filed online here. You can also use the ‘permit wizard’ to find out if you need a permit or call 865-215-3669.

2 thoughts on “New Neighbor Information

  1. Glen Romines says:

    I was wanting Parkridge Community to post information the KPD or City has on protecting your home , belongings , family and neighbors from criminal behavior . Things such as lights , cameras , security measures maintenance of yard, home and,vehicles .


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