November 2022 Membership Meeting Minutes

November 7th 2022 Introduction Nick and Sydney Poker Chris Casteel Peggy Klein  Lynne Sullivan  Lynda Blankenship Stacey Shipanick Kristen Tossee Maria and Liam Foran Lisa Lynne Randazo Morgan Wilson Treasurer’s Report see attached Neighborhood safety  Officer Johnson Co-response Team with Helen Ross McNabb Mental Health crisis NAC Meeting at 4:30 Discuss Co- Responder Program Recruitment … Continue reading November 2022 Membership Meeting Minutes

10.22 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization October Meeting  In Attendance:  Nick Poker  Aaron Searcy  Bonnie Casamassima Robert Nobel  Maria &Liam Foran Lynda Blankenship Erin Oakes   Scott Rupe Peggy Klien Safety Report  - Office Johnson There have been shootings, but fewer break ins Clubs on Magnolia trickling in  Residence getting Cameras can be helpful - Surveillance more than Ring … Continue reading 10.22 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

6.6.2022 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Introduction Nick Poker President Sign in David Nix nixnknox@aol.comChrist Casteel Meg Burnett - meg.burnette@diplomats.comKatie McGonagal Office JohnsonArin Streeter -astreeter@breweringramfuller.comGreta Schmoyer - greta.schoyerMorgan Willson - Lynn Sullivan - hiwarch@gmail.comLisa Randazzo - Lisalynnerandazzo@gmail.comNick and Sydney Poker - nickpoker@comast.netGwin Tate - crimewatchburd@gmail.comLynda Blankenship - lyndanine@aol.comRupe Treasurer Report  PO Box Options  Habitat for Humanity Washington Ave Businesses   Neighborhood Safety report … Continue reading 6.6.2022 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Meeting Recap: July 6, 2020 held on Zoom PCO Board shares logo that has been in progress since January 2020. Plan to vote at August meeting for approval to finalize logo. Also plan to vote on using logo for Neighborhood entrance signs.

November 11 2019 Membership Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization Membership Meeting Minutes 11/4/2019   Welcome and Code of Conduct Reminder- 6:38 Neighbor Introductions – List of attendees on last page. Reports- 6:40 Office Solder and KPD Report- Not present Treasurer’s Report- 6:43 see attached report Review of October Minutes- 6:45 Motion made to approve minutes, motion 2nd, all approved. Old Business- … Continue reading November 11 2019 Membership Meeting Minutes

February 3, 2020 Membership Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization Membership Meeting Minutes 2/3/2020     Welcome- 6:33 Neighbor Introductions- List of attendees on the last page. Approval of Minutes- Technical issue with last meetings minutes, will review at next meeting. Reports- 6:41 KPD Report- 6:41 Officer Soldner received an email regarding the homeless at Parkridge Park, KPD is aware of the … Continue reading February 3, 2020 Membership Meeting Minutes