May 2019 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization  Membership Meeting Agenda  5/6/19 Welcome & Code of Conduct- 6:41 Neighbor Introductions- List of attendees on last page Reports- 6:45 Office Soldner He did receive an email regarding the porch furniture theft. Please make sure and file reports anytime a theft occurs. Non-Emergency line is (865)215-7000. Review of February and March Minutes- … Continue reading May 2019 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Letter to Residents

5/1/19   Dear Neighbors,   In efforts to communicate well, the board of Parkridge Community Organization would like to share plans discussed with the P.C.O. board tonight by Bruce Spangler, CEO of the Volunteer Ministry Center.   The VMC follows a housing first approach when addressing the needs of Knoxville’s homeless population. Since enacting this … Continue reading Letter to Residents