12.2022 Membership Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization 

December 2022


Treasurer’s report 

No change – Gen, account $10,580

Neighborhood Safety Report

Officer Johnson  Office Banks 

Of Note



Call about gun shots – so they can recover shell casings


Standard Knitting Mill – has active security, cops have access as well 

Issues at Former Vet Clinic on Magnolia

Checking on Exon on Cherry 

2023 PCO Officer selection

  • Poker – President 
  • Searcy – Vice President
  • Casteel – Treasure
  • Irwin – SEcretary

Knoxville Baptist Event Space

  • Restoration with church as focus
    • Music Venue
    • Non Profit eVents 
  • Church interior – est 250 people 
  • 2 additional interior secondary spaces. 
  • 1 exterior secondary space
    • Secondary space – 150 People
  • Garden with public access 
  • Keeping house next door – Restoration likely
  • Dec. 6 at 6:00 – enter main front door at Magnolia

Holiday Decoration Contest and Commitment of Funds 

  • $100 for prizes from the board
    • Motion to approve –  passed
  • Additional friends from First Reality 

Lights at 6th Ave Murals 

  • Adding more and working on timing
  • Special lighting through the community to be considered in 2024
  • Additional comment:
  • Kim Trent Brought up Substations:
    • PCO needs to initiate conversation with KUB 

Old City Bicycle Access

  • Requested Small temporary path
  • Aug it fell off agenda
  • Back on the agenda and being adressed 

Update on earlier efforts 

  • 2-3 Pickle Ball Court will be added to city budget and agenda next year
  • Dog Park-  Waiting for Caswell manor to finish for the access road to be finished. 

New Business

  • Park Ridge Home Tour
    • Moving Date ? 
    • Casteel Heading Up Efforts
  • Murals on FIfth
    • Need People for committee to direct project
  • Investment Committee – Needs 3  people rotating, Vote Next month

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