September 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization

Board Meeting Agenda 9/4/19


  • Call to order 6:43- List of attendees on the last page
  • Old Business
  • Treasurer’s update, Reimbursement Requests
  • Home Tour 2019
    • We need more volunteers to help with organizing the event as well as homes to highlight on the tour. 7-8 houses are needed by 9/15/19.
  • Parkridge Park: Mid-project Report 6:57
    • Willow Tunnels have been approved to postpone until next year.
  • Letter from Rojero RE: VMC and Parcels on E Fifth 7:08
    • PCO Board received a letter from Mayor Rojero regarding the parcel on land on E Fifth that’s being given to VMC for supportive housing for the homeless. Our concerns are on how our Open Space/Green Space can be re-zoned and given away. Several members on the board and membership will be reaching out the city council members and to an attorney to see what it the best next step in addressing this issue.


  • New Business
    • OON Neighborhood Grading 7:51
  • Flock Safety Neighborhood Surveillance Proposal 7:53
    • Company approached Lynne Randazzo about placing cameras at the entrances to our neighborhood to help deture crime and aid police. We have declined this offer at this time due to the cost associated with our large neighborhood.
  • Town Hall East hosting Neighborhood Watch and Resident Association BBQ mixer 7:55
      • 9/20/19 5:30-8:30 at Botanical Gardens
      • Need 7-8 Volunteers to attend
      • Need to create poster with top 3-4 neighborhood concerns
  • Announcements: 7:57
    • Could we use some of the beautification funds to buy litter clean-up supplies.
    • Lynne to get a quote on using a gardening service to help maintain our entrance garden.
  • Next PCO Board Meeting: 10/2/19 at 6:30PM- Location Volunteers
  • Next PCO Meeting 9/9/19 at 6:30 PM


  • Motion made to adjourn, motion 2nd, all approved- Adjourned at 8:02

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