Feb 2019 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Parkridge Community Organization
Meeting Agenda 2/4/19

 Welcome & Code of Conduct Reminder- 6:42
 Neighbor Introductions (List of attendees on the last page)
 Reports- 6:45
1. Officer Soldner- Shooting on E 5 th 1/22/19- more than likely gang related, all “shots
fired” calls are handled by a special unit.
2. Review of January Minutes- 6:48 Motion made to approve minutes, motion was
seconded, all approved.
3. Treasurer’s Report- 6:49 See attached sheet, Motion made to approve report, motion
was seconded, all approved.

 Old Business 6:50
1. Traffic Calming
a. Partial Street applications possible
b. Jefferson applied for between Olive-Polk and Polk-N Bertrand
c. Volunteers needed for other streets- Nick Poker, Peggy Klein, and Lynne Sullivan
volunteered to apply for Washington between Winona and N Bertrand. Still
need volunteers for E 5 th .
2. Update on Parkridge Park- 658
a. Squirrel thingy must be removed due to safety concerns.
b. City will provide the following: new paint for play structure, replacing boarder
around swings, adding mulch/ground cover, and reinforcement of bridge.
c. Looking for plant donations from within the neighborhood.
d. Basketball court- the question was raised as to whether or not we could paint
the court? Add four square, hopscotch, and new backboards.

3. New Meeting Annoucement signs – 704
a. Board to purchase new signs for PCO monthly meetings.

 New Business- 706
1. Neighborhood Logo Ideas- We need a new logo to help brand our community, we will
use the new logo on neighborhood signs, event advertising, and possibly for
merchandise. Ideas for logo from group included: historic homes, Standard Knitting Mill,
People, Gardens, “At home with diversity”. Sydney to contact graphic designer for
2. Speaking request form- 720

a. New form for those wishing to have time on the agenda. The board will review
requests and allot time on agenda. Forms are to be used by those requesting
funds from the board as well.

3. 2019 Budget- 721
a. PCO Board will approve a budget by the March 2019 Meeting.
b. Neighborhood Small Grant Program 2020- 729
 Ideas & Applicants Needed- $3000-$4500 available
 Dog Park
 Work shed for tools/sharing equipment
 New Playground structures for Parkridge Park
 Pavilion maintenance
 Applicants must attend workshops in April and May, deadline for
application is in June 2019.
 We could also use a Parks and Rec grant to replace the play structure.
c. Magnolia Corridor-742
 A petition has been started to change the name on the entrance sign
from “Magnolia” to “Park City”

 Announcements- 751
1. Marathon Neighborhood Contest and Water Stop 3/31/19-
a. Pokers to head up decorations- Sign making 2/23/19 at 10:30
b. Matt Foster to head up water stop
2. Austin East seeking donations for school store- list is on Facebook page
 Comments- 750- NA
 Motion made to adjourn meeting, motion was seconded, all approved- Meeting adjourned 758
Next meeting 3/4/19 @630

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